Graphing the Play Counts of Taylor Swift Songs

September 24, 2014 | 1 min read

Play Counts of Taylor Swift Songs

This is a histogram showing the play counts in my music library for all of the songs on all four of Taylor Swift’s studio albums.


The histogram is unimodal, which is unsurprising. I like most of the songs, dislike few, and really like a few. Also, the histogram is skewed right. This makes sense as I often put all four albums on shuffle, so every song gets a fair amount of plays. There are, however, some songs that I will purposely listen to, and they make up the tail of the histogram.


There are no outliers, which means that even my favorite songs—Enchanted, White Horse, Fifteen1—don’t get played that much more than the other songs. I think having no outliers is my proof that I’m not that self-proclaimed “superfan” who listens only to her number one hits; I’m the real deal.


On average, I have played each song 57 times.


The standard deviation is about 22.

  1. A non-exhaustive list.